1500 word content writing for 10$ in less than 24 hours

1500 words content writing for 10$ in less than 24 hours

This is a real offer from Khaninejad Digital agency. Maybe you are wondering, why this happens. Writing 1500 words just content writing services for only 10 dollars, Are you serious? yes, we are. 

1500 words content writing for 10$ in less than 24 hours
1500 words content writing for 10$ in less than 24 hours

The best part of this service is its SEO option. We have a real intelligence in optimizing content for Google search engines. (We have talked about the way we are optimizing contents) But let’s talk about a good content writing service characteristics that bring a lot of visitors to your online business or your Blog.

8 characteristic of a content which Ranks

For 100 percents, some principles exist, and because of that, a content ranks better than the other. And if we ignore (Backlinks and website potential), it’s about the principles of good content.

On they, one of my friends asked me, If you need to hide a courpse, where whould you choose to hide. I answerd, ” I whould hide it in the secound page of google serarch resuults”.

In the first glance, that’s something funny, but it’s a real tragedy for the websites sho do not know what to do and what not to do! so let’s discover what makes good content a better one.


1-Write as less as possible.

yeah! that’s it. please avoid writing long sentences. you can break a compound sentence to two short sentences. you don’t need to write long sentences, and why you are doing this, because it’s a bad technique of writing?

When it comes to communicating, sometimes less is more. please pay attention to country leaders like Donald Trump and supreme leader of Iran. They are very keen on speaking. They are using short sentences. and because of that, they are famous for their speaking skills.

Writing is also like speaking. No one can deny that long sentences make a text, confused and bored. for example take a look at the Harry Potter series, which is written by JK. Rolling.


2- Write simple as possible

I know you understand what is simplicity. but let’s bring some example:

  1. Jack was going to the gym, while he was speaking with his new expensive smartphone. 
  2. Jack was going to the gym. 

How do you think about the second sentence, which is not simple? the purpose of the first sentence was focusing on Jack’s destination, wasn’t it?

In the perspective of discourse analysis, we are emphasizing on simple sentences. because we believe that, the answer to the visitors need is important tank word suffering. How do you think?


3- Understand the need

4- know your reader

5- Good Start is everything

Tell me, how do you like to spend your time, when reading an article in a potential blog?

With respect to your idea, when we ate dealing with content writing for web sites, it goes without saying. people prefer to get interested in something,  then look for the missing answer. So firstly your mission as a writer is to attract the reader. If you accomplish your mission you can sell your ideas to your potential addressee.

clues: The First paragraph should be your main focus. Write Eye catchy Keywords in the first sentence.


6- Good titles

I know famous writers, I am following many magazines. in some cases I am asking my self, why this famous writer chose a fumbled in writing a title


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