AI VS Human Content Creation

AI VS Human Content Creation

Technology is awesome! The innovation and advancements we’ve achieved over the last hundred years have catapulted our potential for full productivity. With recent advancements came the introduction of artificial intelligence. What was once a sci-fi concept, is now a common part of our day. Chatbots are great to help with simple troubleshooting woes, however more complex issues still require human intervention. This is a large part of the limitations of AI, the programming and data that may not capture all possible problems and solutions. AI does continue to learn over time, as a human would, and this is an interesting part of the evolution of applications for this technology. So long as the programming is solid, the data will improve over time. Now, how does this work when it comes to content creation?

Below is a list of the pros and cons of human versus AI created content

AI VS Human Content Creation

Human created content – Pros

imaginative captures emotion, creation of content empowers human creativity, fictional works are easy to follow even if they are fantasy or sci-fi, can write quickly on new topics that may have limited data, ability to capture live current events,

Human created content – Cons

Knowledge sharing is limited to the individual(s) and their capacity for research, prone to human error (mostly grammatical), can sometimes be boring and monotonous nonfictional content,

AI created content – Pros

Interesting content, the potential for great breakthroughs once perfected, entertaining to read even when the storyline is hard to follow, the potential for creating content topics based on analysis of highly viewed topics, very speedy output

AI created content – Cons

Limited to data provided and availability of additional data resources, Prone to human error by proxy (due to programming mistakes and technological limitations), not as meaningful content, computing power needs, cost of software or programming, can be limited and has the potential for inadvertent censoring based on available data

These lists are not exhaustive and it would be great to hear more about what others find to be pros and cons for each as well. However, these serve to introduce reasoning behind the decision to use one over the other. It is fully possible to co-create wonderful content together with AI that aims to balance the limitations of the other and highlight the pros for each.

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