Blogging services for websites (Updated in 2019)

Blogging services for websites

Blogging is a kind of writing on the net. Many websites has a kind of page, they usually use a page to show blog posts. But why Blogging is important and what kind of benefits does it have?

The benefits of Blogging services for websites

1- Increases the number of visitors to the website

2- Writing Blog posts to find new audience

3- It increases the value of your domain

4- It’s a method of branding

5- people are looking for valuable information, when looking for their questions

6- Targeting some favorable keywords

7- read more about benefits of Blogging services for websites (…)

What is the principles of Blogging?

To write a good content and be a professional Blogger, you need to know some principles.

1- Find questions and write a great blog post

People, specially new world’s people has many questions. People are  living with many challenges, if you could find a way to answer their question, you are a great Blogger. You can find many clues about questions in Social media, Google trends, Blog comments and things you are interested in.

2- Understand your audience

You should know your audience, then start to write. for instance you are writing a blog post for making money. First you should target your audience. If you are writing for teenagers, understanding their world will help. this knowledge can lead you write something valuable for them. On the other word, you need to know who is going to read your article.

3- Write for yourself

For a minute think deeply, how do you want to find your post. What article structure you like. What is your red line in dealing with blog posts. Focus on your ideas, professional Bloggers choose best words and ideal structures to give information.

4- Built Your Email list

From the first day, start to gather Email lists. Maybe in feature you decided to sell something or some services. As a rule of thumb, without a start nothing will happen. In coming days you can tell people about your new posts.  Making your Email lists is also challenging. For example,  one of our customers changed his Call to action from “Download Amazon book” to “Download Amazon books for free” She had 250 % increase in registering for receiving Emails. This is something awesome, you can Use it in your Website.

5- take care of your existing audience 

To show your respect, write some new content for exiting followers. Finding new readers is valuable, but loving your existing readers is also important. 

6- Good Call to action is every thing 

Don’t wait for people to find your social media account. and don’t rely on Sidebars. people can’t see sidebars. If you want to use your blog post’s strength, make some interesting call to action. You can add your Instagram page address as a call to action bottom. It works and you enjoy new followers. It was just one example of call to action. 

7- publish something that gives value to people’s live

I hate posts that are pure advertisement, I believe in pure and free content. If someone wants to help people, he will do in free and available way. in this case, don’t make readers angry when finding information they want. 

8- Consistency 

Don’t talk about every thing. Write your articles in the same field. This increases your audience interest in following your blog. When we were comparing our customers, we find out that the business who are writing number of contents in a week are progress better that companies who are writing contents in a week. as a matter of fact, regular updates and publishing new posts increased their subscribers. 

9- Tell every thing even “secret sauce ” 

you shouldn’t think of hiding or hesitating to give your findings to your audience. Today everyone has high speed interest and they can find every information in no time. so be erogenous and teach every thing to your readers. 

10- learn fighting, Blogging isn’t for cowards

 live with hope and peace but not stay and wait for good to happen. You need to write for many years, if you are looking for short term success blogging isn’t for you. Write, learn and write for many years, in this way you will get what you want. ROI is 100 percent.  

we mention some tips to offer Blogging services for websites, If you have some blog, we can write for your business. 

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