SEO services for getting a good rank on google search results

SEO services for getting a good rank on Google search results

Stop reading this article if you aren’t believe in SEO!

Many years ago, when we was searching on the net, specially on results was something like this:

1- Strong and old websites was on the first page of google.

2- websites which was using keywords, had best ranks on google page results.

3- Getting a good rank was hard. specially for new Websites and startups.

But things have changed …

1- New and young domains can appear in google page results with high ranks

2- The old domains and Websites also need optimizing

3- New Google algorithms are more reasonable

4- low quality Websites has lost their chances.

What is SEO services?

Because of mentioned problems Google had changed the algorithms. New rules had taken to action. The only way to overcome competitors is SEO services. Seo means optimizing your hole website to Google search engines. Many practices are related to optimizing. But the question is, how optimizing works.

How Optimizing for search engines works?

In many informal annunciations, Google has talked about Content, Backlinks, website speed, website size, website usability on smart phones and other screens etc.

You are curious whats the best thing to do with these things, aren’t you? so let’s start one by one.

1- Publishing a good content as a SEO services

First and most important thing When doing SEO, is Writing good quality content and optimizing it to Google search engines.

What is a the characteristics of a Good quality Content?

  • Visitors enjoy reading your websites’s content
  • Your website’s content has targeted special group of audience
  • It has a reasonable structure
  • A good quality content makes some challenges in the way your visitors think
  • It has minimum Grammar problems
  • It is concise and to the point

How to optimize your content for search engines?

In optimizing content, we have to do two important things.

1- Firstly optimize the content itself

2- Secondly optimize things related to CMS

To do these two steps you need to pay attention to many factors. Keywords are your target. Good and optimized contents has balanced number of targeted keywords. Keyword suffering is the main error that lowers quality of content.

When websites for example Bloggers, are using many keywords in their content, people hate this thing. In this case we stop continuing our read. The result is leaving Website. Do you want this? Do you made website for something like this? Probably NO

Whats the point?

The point is, you need to write for people not machines. That is so simple, just you need to follow these simple things mention below:

1- Avoid publishing bad quality content.

2- Avoid using unwanted keywords in your content

3- try to work on your writing skills

4- Update your published content

5- Use nice pictures and put your Logo on the photos

6- For more information read this Article

But What to do with CMS optimization!?

When talking about CMS it means, Choosing suitable Tags, Title, Description etc. In summary this type of optimization is because of Google snippets. for more information read article below:

2- Function of Backlinks

Making Backlinks is a kind of SEO services, When a link of your page or your Website’s link appears on other Website, We call this Backlink. As Google mentioned, we have 2 types of Backlinks:

1-White hat backlinks

2-Black hat backlinks

We haven’t planed to talk about these thing but keep in mind that, related and high ranked links can influence in your ranking position. Ordering Advertorials and link building is the two legal way of using Backlinks. When dealing with these thing You should be careful.

a new and effective way to build links

Today many websites are building links, becouae one of best practices to get a good rank on Google page results are backlinks.

Due to this article we deacide to follow white hat SEO, so the two method of link building is legal.

first method:

link building on special domain

in this way you are going to open a blog on free hosting blog services like weebly,, wix etc. Then you can write a high quality content which represents your content gaols, also it is somting valuable. after publiahing you can linkt to some of your important pages.

you can repete this work by writing new articles.

secound method

This method is like the first one, but all you need to do is opening more that one blog. this way you may have more than on wwbsite linking to your domain.