How we can write good quality content based on SEO?

How we can write good quality content based on SEO? 

keep calm today I’going to talk about keys. Keys that guides you to write good quality content based on SEO. 

I’m a blogger and i know what you are looking for. So you have got the idea. as rule of thumb, people search on the net because of some information, some tip etc.

First Key: you should understand what people are looking for.

I’m sure you have read many article on the websites. but how many of them was organized? one? two of them!? unfortunately articles we are reading on the net are disorganized and bad formed.

Second Key: When you decide to , you need to organize the things you are going to say. 

Don’t talk about every thing at first step. if you have idea to explain don’t say it at first. Try to expand your ideas. this is something outstanding. some people are good at this skill.

In coming days I will talk about this.

Third key: Don’t say important things at first, turn on the curiosity of visitors.

Be careful that you are writing for important people. Your potential visitors are educated people and when they are facing with grammatical problem, they may lose their belief in your writing and close your page.

Fourth key: reading some grammar books and analyzing your content before publishing can make your text valuable.

Did you heard of balanced. I’m a big fan of comprehensive and concise articles. How about you!?  I’m vary pleased when reading comprehensive and concise articles. keep in mind when reader are satisfied with the way you are writing, things go well.

Fifth Key: Write comprehensive but concise.

Nowadays because of positive effects of content writing in SEO. Everyone writes for that particular purpose. But some one should stop them and say: STOP

Someone should tell them, you are going to be like that no-reader books. First think then start to write. 

Sixth Key: First think then start to write.

Optimize your content for Google. actually, trying to write good quality content based on SEO is exactly same as trying to write a good book. you can learn how to optimize your content in the article below:

Seventh Key: Do SEO practices specially optimize your content


but fortunately in blogging and content writing in comparison with book writing, we can edit our old text.  

Summary, these are some of tips you can use when you deiced to write good quality content based on SEO. I hope you enjoy reading this article. 


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