Website design services on Khaninejad Digital Agency

Why we need to design a website?

Do you know about digital marketing, don’t you?

For many spectacular reasons we are using websites. But starting a business and entering to Digital marketing is the major reason of many people. We recommend you to find your ambition to have a website.

What do you need to know when starting to design a website?

  1. Domains
  2. Hosting
  3. Design methods
  4. CMS
  5. Themes
  6. Plugins
  7. payment methods
  8. Web developer
  9. Web supporting

1- Domains

We have two main kind of domains. First Group is special for geographic locations, for instance (.ru), (.us) (.ir) etc. The second group of domains are international like (.com), (.net), (.academy). you can read more about domains on the articles below.

But keep in mind that your target audience makes this decision easier. If your audience belongs to special region, buy domains from first group. If you decided to give services to people for all over the world choose an international domain.

If you are’t clear about your choice read our guide below:

2- Hosting

In simple words hosting is an on computer which saves your websites data. To use from host services you need to pay. We have different hosting plans, choosing a great hosting company need lots of information. One of advantages of good hosting is good and 24 hour support.

It’s good to know the price of a hosting service depends on many factors. We recommend that you don’t need to pay more money for services that is not dutiable for you. In this case you can council with us.

3- What kind of website design do we have?

  • Designing Dynamic Websites
  • Designing Static Websites
  • Designing Responsive Websites

By clicking on these types you can read about them. Today the most important thing to consider when ordering website designing services, is the feature of responsiveness. Fortunately we are marking responsive websites, that makes a lot of audience. as you know many people are using smartphones. so the thing is because of Google algorithms, responsive websites get a good rank between competitors.

4- Different type of content management systems (CMS)

  • WordPress.
  • Drupal.
  • Joomla!
  • ExpressionEngine.
  • TextPattern.
  • Radiant CMS.
  • Cushy CMS.
  • SilverStripe.

As you see we have many of them. by clicking on them you can know more about them. But let me introduce our favorite one, which is WordPress. This CMS is free, you don’t need to pay any cash. It has many advantages that makes it best of its’s kind. We have write more to demonstrate our reason.

5- themes

when you bought a hosting service and a domain you can install a CMS. The next step is finding a good theme which is appropriate for the activity you are going to do in your website. Different kind of themes are available, but you can also order a theme. you can hire some one to design a unique theme for your CMS.

Many business are selling good themes. If you are WordPress advocate you can look for themeforest.

5– Installing wowcomers

Some of online business has somthing to sell. WordPress can work as an online shopping website.

To use this capacity you need to install a wowcomerse pluging. Just by some clicks your website has a store front, so you can sell every thing you have.

woowcomeese also has a theme option, you can manage to have best mobile-friendly themes.