content writing for web sites

content writing for web sites

Nowadays, we hear about digital marketing. digital sale and new different business and startups. all of the are new, their first step is to make a website. the thing is websites without customers and traffic make no sense.

First of all, let  introduce my self. I an Ali Khaninejad, in real life i have valuable job. every one know me as a English teaches. but at the beginning i decided to do something. something whits gave me courage to fire my students imagination. My students are different, they believe in them selves. because the know their teacher did it.

I have learned things witch is related to digital marketing like content writing for web site, SEO, Web design etc. I worked many years and i have so many experience. today i’m going to talk about content writing for website.

when i was 20 years old i was  interested to make money. i got familiar with Copyrighting. started to read articles. I analysed samples. i looked for popular copywriters.

then i decided to make this business in my own language. i started a business with my friends and now i have 40 copywriters.

the key to my success was SEO. I have really deep interest in excrement, in my region every one knows about it.  I have done many experiment in this area.

As matter of fact, slowly i became a expert in content writing for the website. so today i made this Website to talk with people around the world.

As you know i am an English teacher, if you need some help just tell me.

The advantages of content writing for websites

You know that Content is king, let me tell you what’s the meaning of this saying.

imagine to castles, they have two kings. for gaining good positions they are fighting. The better King wins the battle. The weak King like weak Content lose the battle.

now i’ going to talk about digital battle field witch is you know who.

Google crawls content, but people decide witch content to read. so be patient. i am going to talk about keys to name good king.

you turn,

i would appreciate it if you would tell me about your experiences and ideas about content writing for website.

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