SEO – What can I do for my website’s SEO?

SEO – What can I do for my website’s SEO?

someday you may wonder and say: ‘who moved my cheese’ and that’s time you are trying to wake up and make a noticeable change in your online business. Today Google as the most used search engine has a great impact on business ROI. So you must know about the things you can do on your website. in this article I will cove up all the tied and true methods of optimization. reading this article may take 10 minutes for you, but it can help you to unlock all the secrets of the beautiful SEO world. 

Section One: Content Is The King

There is a saying in the zone of digital marketing, especially SEO: “Content Is The King”

The first and most important step in optimizing a website for search engines like Google is to write content. Content writing and blogging is the job many writers and copywriters do as a living. but what’s the reason that the extended content writing market is as big as today?

Let’s be simple, Google as a widely used search engine, must keep itself trustworthy and accepted by others. for this reason, there must be some standards for ranking domains. writing unique and fresh content is one of the marks, that Google looks for when ranking different domains. besides, writing and publishing new content keeps the world wide web updated and full of valuable information. the thing is, Content writing is so simple, and even people with knowledge about SEO and handle this practice and boost their website growth in SERPs ( Google search result page). here are the tips you must learn and apply them to the contents you are writing for your website:


1- Keywords

keywords are the most important thing in SEO world.  as you know the purpose in writing content based on SEO is getting visitors to your web page. visitors witch are real. to make money, you need to focus on keywords, at that time you can decide which ones can visit your site and witch can’t.

2- You web site quality 

Sites are made of tree important elements.

Firstly, you should buy a domain name. it can be .com – .net  and etc. find what domain name best explains your target visitors. your domain needs to be related to your target visitors.

secondly, you need a host. host in simple descriptions is an active computer witch saves your web site’s data base and other data like CMS and theme. your host should placed in the country that your audience lives.

Thirdly, you need a kind of CMS to install on your host. WordPress, Jumella are two well-known CMS at web design world. they are free and user friendly.

Fourthly, you need a theme. themes are about colors, pages, fonts and every thing people see on your website. speedy themes an Responsive one’s are outstanding. They are optimized for the web crawlers. But in this case typography and color choose plays important rule in convincing visitors.

3- Backlinks

This element can be hard to grasp. so let me define it.

What is Backlinks ?

Backlinks are links of Your domain witch appears in the other websites.

When the number of your Backlinks increases Google finds your site reliable. It ranks your web page easily and also your domain value increases.

In this case we have to main kind of Backlinks. Google named these two gropups of Backlinks. first one is black hat Backlinks witch are dangorous to your site condition in Google. the other is white hat Backlinks.

When you get Backlinks by the way of white hat, it makes sense.

We have many ways to get good Backlinks, in the article below I’m talked about it.

4- Writing content based on SEO

What is Writing content based on SEO?

It’s so simple. let’s define it.

SEO means search engine optimization. when it’s about writing something for Google search engine or something else. the thing is you should write contests as Google likes. It’s easy to grasp but maybe you forget at no time. so be careful and save this information.

First of all, you need to know that the priority is witting for people no engines and Google.  But if you are curious that your content will be crawled as you wish, you should stop and optimize it.

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