Hire Blogger for WordPress site in no time

Hire Blogger for WordPress site in no time


I’m Ali khaninejad, I’m 23 year old and i’m a blogger and an English teacher. Because of my deep interest in Digital Marketing, I started to do many experiments on content writing based on SEO.


After many years of blogging i decided to have my own web site and give content writing services to people around the world.

Why people need to hire Blogger for WordPress site ?

It may depend on many reasons. But Time and expertise are main reasons to hire a good Blogger for your WordPress site. Many of business don’t have expertise to write good quality content to get customers interest. many of you don’t have enough time to write. but don’t worry we’ll help you.

How to hire a good Blogger for WordPress site?

That’s so easy and a bit hard. to recognize good content writer from bad one you should know a lot about blogging. blogging in comparison with recent years has changed.

for example search engines get more intelligent that before. So new practices like SEO appeared.

1- Understanding of SEO 

What is SEO and how it helps to reach business plans?

SEO is the abbreviation for search engines optimization. In this practice we are optimizing our writings to good chance appearing in google first page. one sign of good quality content is optimization of that content.  So when content writer optimizes the text, he/she is an expert blogger.

2- Understanding of WordPress CMS

CMS is short for content management system. Every website has a CMS. WordPress is also one of popular and user-friendly CMS. Your potential blogger need to know how to work with WordPress.

3- Regular publishing and minimum mistakes

“That man who is regular and punctual will get sure success in all walks of life.”
Sivananda Saraswati, 

Because of Google algorithms the publishing of content should has a regular plan. Find some one who is regular and responsible. regular people are not risk-takers and the present of mistake making decreases.

4- “The key to success is not hard work, it is love.”

I love this quote it’s everything to me. I believe in this, when you are in love with your job, its incredible. if you are not sure about peoples idea. you can read their resumes. I’ sure you’ll find valuable thing to make good decisions.

5- resume and work experience is also important

when it’s time to hire Blogger for WordPress site. you need to be careful. Blogging and writing content specially for important business and websites is critical. Without a good work experience don’t hire Blogger for WordPress site. At first see their portfolio and study their work resume. 

in summary,  

potential competitors has increased. To become sucsessful in digital marketing and comptttion in google result pages you need to hire profession bloggers.

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