SEO - What can I do for my website's SEO?

SEO – What can I do for my website’s SEO?

SEO – What can I do for my website’s SEO?

someday you may wonder and say: ‘who moved my cheese’ and that’s time you are trying to wake up and make a noticeable change in your online business. Today Google as the most used search engine has a great impact on business ROI. So you must know about the things you can do on your website. in this article I will cove up all the tied and true methods of optimization. reading this article may take 10 minutes for you, but it can help you to unlock all the secrets of the beautiful SEO world. 

Section One: Content Is The King

There is a saying in the zone of digital marketing, especially SEO: “Content Is The King”

The first and most important step in optimizing a website for search engines like Google is to write content. Content writing and blogging is the job many writers and copywriters do as a living. but what’s the reason that the extended content writing market is as big as today?

Let’s be simple, Google as a widely used search engine, must keep itself trustworthy and accepted by others. for this reason, there must be some standards for ranking domains. writing unique and fresh content is one of the marks, that Google looks for when ranking different domains. besides, writing and publishing new content keeps the world wide web updated and full of valuable information. the thing is, Content writing is so simple, and even people with knowledge about SEO and handle this practice and boost their website growth in SERPs ( Google search result page). here are the tips you must learn and apply them to the contents you are writing for your website:


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