Teaching English in Tabriz

Teaching English in Tabriz

Today is one of my best days, and i decided to make my web page. From now on, i’m going to find new people around the world. but first of all let me introduce my self. 

I am Ali Khaninejad, i am a teacher and i’m proud of that. so as you think i am like all English teacher, which they are working on new methods in English teaching. 

As every website has goals, i made some of that goals. and today i’m going to mention some of them. 


Firstly, nowadays we know English in one of skills that can help us in ever changing world. every thing changes but skills won’t. so i am hear to help this trend, i will work hard to find new beneficial methods of learning English language. because i am planing to learn Russian, just like you are learning English. 


Secondly, I’m teaching English in Tabriz for this reason, i made this website to have close communication with people of that city. So if you are from Tabriz you can use our workshops too. 


Thirdly, i am one of big fans of IELTS, TOEFL and GRE exams. you can guess our kick off purposes. 


In summary, i am going to talk living an alive ideas. things you need in your daily life. things that work for you. things that you are going to believe in. we are real, life is real and you are real.


Teaching English in Tabriz

Tabriz is one of Great cities of Iran. Kind people and beautiful city. as matter of fact we have some people witch are settled in Tabriz for different reasons. 

we are welcoming these people. We can help you to have standard prepossess of learning English. 

Our workshops, private classes and digital content is the thing you are looking for. 



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